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Stefan Ossenkop
Mannheim / Germany
14 - 16 Jun 2019

Conformance with the schedule

4.36 /5

Dressing rooms

4.00 /5

Design and comfort of the hall

3.45 /5


3.64 /5


4.55 /5

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Start on Friday approx. 5.00 pm with WDC AL Standard First Round  ( Round 48 ) / 6.00 with WDC AL Latin ( Round 48 )

7.00 pm Teammatch Amateur  ( 8 couples each Team )

8.30 – 9.15 p.m. Teammatch Pro Am ( 4 couples each Team )




One of the highlights of the tournament weekend will be the Professional and Amateur Competitions
The best dancing couple of the world, within professional world champions permitted to come to the


German Open Dance Festival 2019


Professionals and  WDC AL Amateur Germany League Modern/Standard and Latin.

Join the event and reserve today your tickets for this exceptional and fascinating event!


Modern – and Latin


The accurate schedule will be published at 09.06.2019

First Round Professional Latin: Mozartsaal

First Round Professional Standard: Mozartsaal


The semi-finals take place  from 7.30 p.m. with live orchestra at the Mozartsaal in the context of the Gala ball.




Closing for entry 05.06.2019. The regulations of the WDC are in force.



German Open Dance Festival Mannheim 2019  presents:

WDC AL Amateur League Germany Juveniles, Juniors, Youth, Amateur, Senior

We are therefore delighted to invite all amateurs open to the world  for the WDC German Open Dance Festival Mannheim 2010. No matter which association or organisation you belong to, Competition remains true to the Olympic spirit and welcomes all dancers – Open to the World

Dancers / Couples / Entries: Hidden statistic
Categories14 June, Friday15 June, Saturday16 June, Sunday
Mozartsaal - Beginning: 17.00Saturday - MozartsaalSaturday. Section 1 - Gustav MahlerSaturday. Section 2 - Gustav MahlerSunday - MozartsaalSunday. Section 1 - Gustav MahlerSunday. Section 2 - Gustav Mahler
1WDC AL Juveniles 1ST
2Freedom to Dance Juveniles 1LA
3WDC AL Juveniles 2LA
4Freedom to Dance Juveniles 2ST
5WDC AL Juveniles 8 dances8 dances
6WDC AL Juniors 1ST
7Freedom to Dance Juniors 1LA
8WDC AL Juniors 2LA
9Freedom to Dance Juniors 2ST
10WDC AL Juniors 10 dances10 dances
11WDC AL Youth 1ST
12Freedom to Dance Youth 1LA
13Freedom to Dance Youth 2ST, LA
14WDC AL Youth 10 dances10 dances
15Freedom to Dance AmateurST, LA
16Freedom to Dance Seniors 1 (over 30)STLA
17WDC AL Seniors 2 (over 40)ST
18Freedom to Dance Seniors 2 (over 40)LA
19Freedom to Dance Seniors 3 (over 50)ST
20WDC AL Amateur. First roundST, LA
21ProfessionalST, LA, Am.Smooth
22Team Match Amateur10 dances
23Team Match Pro-Am10 dances
Dancers / Couples / Entries: Hidden statistic
JudgesCity / Country
Borodinov Vladislav Russia
Bulanyy Maksym Ukraine
Carmen CarmenGermany
Frahm Harald Germany
Gleave Richard England
Haapalainen Jukka Finland
Haas IngaAustralia
Homm Markus Germany
Hormann EvelynGermany
Katsevman Eugene USA
Kazyra Aliaksandr Belarus
Killick Paul England
Malki RachidNorway
Manfredini AlessiaItaly
Martynyuk Olena Kyiv, Ukraine
Mosejcuk KamilaPoland
Muller OlgaGermany
Newberry MBE HazelEngland
Nordin Nicola England
Oswick Graham England
Pino William Italy
Pletnev Leonid Russia
Pomorska Agnieszka Poland
Popov StanislavRussia
Qingqing YanChina
Reindl Tomasz Poland
Shapiro Oleg Ukraine
Shumaev Oleg Ukraine
Shuran ZhangChina
Smith Greg Netherlands
Soronovych Igor Ukraine
Tornsberg Allan USA
Udell ChristaEngland
Vaganova Alena Russia
Watson BryanGermany
Welsh Marion England
Wood Snieguole Lithuania
Zhao ChenChina