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We are pleased to inform you that the Bravo Dance showroom has been opened in the center of Europe in Prague.
A variety styles of children's ballroom dress competition (juvenile) dresses are available in our showroom.
Dress for performances must be treated with special attention. Each dance federation has its internal dress code. Thus, some Dance Federations do not allow the use of regilin, other Dance Federations do not allow more than 2 types of the fabric of the same shade, other Dance Federations do not allow bare shoulders, and almost all Dance Federations prohibit any additional embellishment.
The Bravo Dance online store has a large selection of dresses for Juveniles, however, we are an international store and among our assortment, you can see different models and some of them are not allowed for your dance federation.
We recommend that before buying a dress for performances, consult with your trainer and make a list of the exact restrictions that your dance federation has for your age.
Our team of professionals will be happy to select the right style of dress that suits you! We speak 5 languages (Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian, and English), we deliver orders worldwide, and we also have a showroom in the center of Europe in Prague. Bright colors are very popular among performance dresses. If your dress consists from two types of fabrics, make sure that the shades of the fabrics are the same. Otherwise, if your dance federation does not allow 2 shades on the same dress, you risk being disqualified from the competition. Our catalog contains a certain number of models but the list of color palettes available for pre-order is much wider. To place a pre-order for a specific color, please, contact us by mail to see the shades of the fabrics available for pre-order.
And remember, online shopping in the Bravo Dance store is easy and always safe.
If the style of the dress or color or something else does not suit you, you can always return your order.
We guarantee safe shopping at the Bravo Dance store.
We ship all orders from Prague (Czech Republic), where the Click and Collect service is also available.
Enjoy safe shopping with Bravo Dance.