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International competition
Stefan Ossenkop
Mannheim / Germany
16 - 17.06.2018




One of the highlights of the tournament weekend will be the Professional and Amateur Competitions
The best dancing couple of the world, within professional world champions permitted to come to the


German Open Dance Festival 2018


Professionals and  WDC AL Amateur Germany League Modern/Standard and Latin.

Join the event and reserve today your tickets for this exceptional and fascinating event!


Modern – and Latin

Saturday 16.06.2018  

The accurate schedule will be published at 09.06.2018

First Round Professional Latin: Mozartsaal

First Round Professional Standard: Mozartsaal


The semi-finals take place  from 7.30 p.m. with live orchestra at the Mozartsaal in the context of the Gala ball.


Entry Fee: 28,00 Euro per person (comprised entrancey fee)



Closing for entry 05.06.2018The regulations of the WDC are in force.


Prize Money Offer: 12.000 Euro for the WDC Professional World Super Series

1st place: 1.500,00

2nd place: 1.000,00

3rd place: 800,00

4th place: 600,00

5th place: 500,00

6th place: 400,00

7th – 12th place: each 200,00


German Open Dance Festival Mannheim 2018  presents:

WDC AL Amateur League Germany Juveniles, Juniors, Youth, Amateur, Senior

We are therefore delighted to invite all amateurs open to the world  for the WDC German Open Dance Festival Mannheim 2018. No matter which association or organisation you belong to, Competition remains true to the Olympic spirit and welcomes all dancers – Open to the World

Couples / Entries Hidden statistic
Categories16 June, Saturday17 June, Sunday
Saturday - MozartsaalSaturday - Gustav MahlerSunday - MozartsaalSunday - Gustav Mahler
1 Juveniles 1 ST, 8 dances LA
2 Juveniles 2 LA, 8 dances ST
3 Juniors 1 ST, 10 dances LA
4 Juniors 2 LA, 10 dances ST
5 Youth 1 ST, 10 dances LA
6 Youth 2 10 dances ST, LA
7 Adults ST, LA
8 Seniors 1 (over 35) ST LA
9 Seniors 2 (over 45) ST LA
10 Seniors 3 (over 55) ST, LA
11 Professional ST, LA
12 Freedom to Dance Adult Amateur LA ST
Couples / Entries Hidden statistic
JudgesCity / Country
Aidaev Ruslan Russia
Armstrong Len England
Bialy Janusz Poland
Bork Bernd Germany
Borodinov Vladislav Russia
Bulanyy Maksym Ukraine
Carmen Carmen Germany
Frahm Harald Germany
Galke Hans Germany
Gleave Janet England
Hawkins Christopher England
Homm Markus Germany
Hull Michael Germany
Katsevman Eugene USA
Kazyra Aliaksandr Belarus
Killick Paul England
Kudinow Oleg Russia
Marcel de Rijk Netherland
Mosejcuk Andrej Poland
Pino William Italy
Popov Stanislav Russia
Reindl Tomasz Poland
Shapiro Oleg Ukraine
Smagin Evgeniy Russia
Smith Greg Netherland
Soronovych Igor Germany
Vaganova Alena Russia
Villa Roberto Italy
Welsh Marion England
Wood John England
Wood Snieguole England
Yan Ling China
Zhang Shuran China