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DSE European Universities Championship STT&LAT

Miroslav Balún, Petr Horáček, Igor Jágerský, Milan Špánik
Братіслава / Slovakia

DSE European Universities Championship STT&LAT

Date: 11.09.2016

Place: Bratislava(Slovakia) as part of Slovak Open Championship.


Organizers offer to participants:

  • 2 nights doubleroom in Bratislava
  • refreshment on the day of competition
  • no starting fee for EUCH competition



must be sent by national federations, with copy of document about School studies: full name and address of University/High school, year of study, in advance.


Conditions to be fullfilled by participants:

-       both dancers must be students, of some of here mentioned studies:  University students- bachaler, magister, doctorant, daily or external form, High school student: who will graduate in school year 2016/2017, or University graduates , who graduated latest exactly 1 year before the day of competition

-       dancers bring their International Student Identity Card ISIC, or index, Graduated University students bring copy of diploma of completing studies in year 2015/2016, High school students bring confirmation from the High school that they attend in school year 2016/2017 last year of studies

-       all students must be up to 28 years old

-       dancers can have any class /E, D, C, B, A, S/

-       dancers are representing their University / not coutry only/


All information here.


Entry fee:

30€ adult/day/free seating

15€ children older 6 years and youth up to 26 years 

Children under 6 years, seniors over 70years and healthly disabled FREE ENTRY 

40€ VIP table close to dance floor/ person /day  with small refreshment and a bottle of wine 


Reservation on www.soch.sk, or per e-mail: info@soch.sk


We are looking forward to meet you in Bratislava!


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